Crafted for good spirits.

A strong connection.

We’re three lifelong friends who started Chuala as a fun way to help us stay in touch. We wanted to capture that feeling of being welcomed with a cocktail when you step into a friend’s house or a favorite restaurant. So we made a tonic water that’s always ready to celebrate – it says “relax, you’re among friends!” We could all use a little more of that.

Taking tonic water up a notch.

Chuala Tonic Water makes a good thing even better. Make delicious cocktails at home that’ll have you asking, “mmm, what’s in this?” We think you’ll like the answer.

Our recipes have been perfected by combining high quality ingredients so you can make a drink worthy of the garnish on the rim. Grab your favorite glass, a sprig of something from your fridge or garden, and get mixing.

The lineup